Payment Processing by Wix

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Wix makes it easy for you to manage your subscription payments and options. Learn more below about how we process your payments.

Consolidated Payments

Based on your purchase history, we may consolidate your recurring payments for your Premium plan, domain, Mailboxes and paid apps into one charge to avoid multiple transactions. 

Pre-date Charging

We attempt to process your renewal payment prior to the actual expiry date of your paid subscription:
  • Premium Plans:
    • Monthly Premium Plans: Same date as the expiry date
    • Yearly Premium Plans: 14 days prior to your plan's expiry date (anniversary of your purchase)
  • Third-party Apps: same date as the expiry date
  • Domains: 30 days prior to the expiry date
  • Mailboxes: 30 days prior to the expiry date
If the charge is unsuccessful, we attempt the transaction again to ensure continuity of service. 

Account Update Service

Wix participates in Visa and MasterCard account update services whereby banks may notify us of changes to credit card expiration dates and card numbers held by our users. This means that Wix automatically updates your credit card information that you have saved so that we can try to renew your subscriptions as scheduled. Similar services may be supported by other card brands. 

Renewal of Subscriptions Purchased During a Sale

 Any paid service that was purchased during a sale renews at the standard rate.