Online Programs: How Participants Join Your Program

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After inviting participants to your program, they can join either from your site or from the relevant member app. Clicking your invitation link refers them to your place on the app where they can complete the steps on the go. 
  • You must upgrade your site so people can start joining your program. 
  • Draft programs must first be published before participants can join.

Joining Your Program from Desktop

After reading about the program on your site, a visitor can register and begin completing steps right from their desktop. Once they click Join from the relevant program page, they are asked to sign in (or register as a site member if this is their first time visiting). If it is a paid program, they'll go to the checkout page to enter their payment details.
Once joined, participants can view the program schedule and overview, leave feedback and begin completing any steps that are available.

Joining Your Program from the Member Apps

If a participant opens your invitation link from their phone, they get a link to download the relevant member app (if they aren't already a member of your site) in order to join the program. 
Once they download the app and become a member of your site by tapping Join
Once joined, participants can access the program from the Online Programs tab or section of your site's member app.

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