Hopp by Wix - Link in Bio: An Overview

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Create a Link in Bio page to neatly display all your content, promotions, products and services for your audience to see. Overcome linking restrictions in social platforms with limitless sharing and have one source for your links.
Your link in bio includes your own search engine, where your audience can search for products and resources by codes that you assign to each item. Mention a code in an Instagram post or TikTok caption for your followers to search. 
A screenshot showing an example Link in Bio page.
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Go to Hopp to create an account or sign in to an existing one. 

Display your content all in one place

Add all of your links to your Link in Bio page and display your content neatly in one place. Add your page URL to your social bios so your audience can easily click and access it.  
A screenshot showing an example Link in Bio page with multiple actions and links.

Start sharing quickly with actions

Use pre-built actions to add a variety of different links to your page. Choose from promoting products, services, blog posts, outfits, coupons. You can even add a tip jar to collect money directly from your supporters. 

A screenshot showing an example list of actions that you can add to your Link in Bio page.

Overcome linking restrictions with codes

Overcome linking restrictions by using search links and codes. Add a link that can be searched through your page's search box. This could be to a product you wish to promote. Then, add a short and easy to remember code to the link so your audience can search for it. Add the code to your post or story. 
A screenshot showing an example search box and search link with code.

Change what you're promoting easily

Update your Link in Bio content quickly and at any time, based on what you want to be promoting to your audience. Remove promotions and coupons when they're out of date. And add products and links that are relevant now. 
A screenshot showing the Hopp Link in Bio settings to add and remove actions and links.

Benefit from integrations with other platforms

Choose to promote your profiles from a whole host of platforms with pre-built integrations. Encourage your audience to sign up to you on platforms such as Twitch and DeviantArt. And give them a direct link to support you on subscription platforms such as Patreon and Substack. 
A screenshot showing an example Link in Bio page with Twitch and Patreon integration connections.

Sell and earn money

Hopp allows you to promote your products, events and booking services. For example, create and Action that links to a beauty service your provide. This will then be displayed on your Link in Bio page for your audience to book. 
Upgrade to the Hopp Pro plan to promote your Wix Store products directly from within Hopp. Learn more about upgrading to the Hopp Pro plan

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