Google Ads with Wix: Creating Multiple Campaigns

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Create multiple Google Ads with Wix campaigns and tailor each one to your unique business goals. Track all your campaigns from one place and make updates to the content and daily budget from your site's dashboard.
Running multiple Google Ads with Wix campaigns allows you to:
  • Test different ad content simultaneously: Try different headlines and description text in multiple campaigns to test content and see what drives the best results for your business.
  • Promote a specific sale or service: Create one Google Ads with Wix campaign to generate more site traffic overall, and use another campaign to promote a specific sale or offering happening that month.
  • Manage one subscription and budget for all campaigns: You don't have to worry about paying multiple subscriptions for each campaign. You pay one subscription and choose your budget. Then you can allocate your budget across all campaigns.

The campaigns page

When you go to Google Ads in your site's dashboard, the first element you'll see is the main campaigns page. Your campaigns page gives you a quick breakdown of each campaign you've created. Every campaign has its own card with key performance indicators including impressions, total clicks, ad spend used, and daily spend.
Hover over a campaign and click Go to Dashboard to see all the data for that campaign.
Labels next to each campaign title show you the status of that campaign: Live, Paused, In Review, Disapproved, or Ended. Any live campaigns appear at the top of the list in chronological order.
A screenshot of the campaigns page with the hover action of Go to Dashboard.
From the campaigns page you can also manage your Google Ads with Wix subscription and budget as well as create a new campaign.

Creating multiple Google Ads with Wix campaigns

You can create as many campaigns as you want from Google Ads in your site's dashboard. Keep track of your spend for each campaign as well as the campaign status. For every new campaign, choose a daily budget that is allocated from your total ad credits.

To create multiple campaigns:

  1. Go to Google Ads in your site's dashboard.
  2. The campaigns page shows all your current campaign(s) in a list. Click Create New Campaign at the top right to make another Google Ads with Wix campaign.
  3. (For Wix Stores only): Choose an advertising goal for your new campaign: Drive site traffic or Boost product purchases.
  4. Customize the settings and ad content of your new ad campaign. Learn more about creating campaign content.
  5. Set your new campaign's daily budget. The daily budget is taken from your total monthly subscription and applied as ad credits. Drag the slider to see an estimate of ad clicks per day with your chosen budget.
How your budget works with multiple campaigns:
You pay for one Google Ads with Wix subscription regardless of how many campaigns you run. You can also always buy extra ad credits with a one-time payment that are added on top of your subscription. Your ad credits are used to run your ads.

When you choose a daily budget for a new campaign, it's taken from the total 'bucket' of ad credits available for all campaigns in your account. To get more ad credits, Click Manage ad credits & budget in the campaigns page and increase your subscription.
  1. Click Launch to launch your new campaign.
Your new campaign appears in the campaigns page. The status label is In Review until the campaign content is approved by Google.


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