Facebook Ads: Understanding Your Store Campaign Data

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This article is only for campaigns who have selected the 'get more store orders' goal.
Your Facebook Ads dashboard provides you with extensive campaign data imported directly from Facebook. For campaigns run with Wix Stores, you will see what purchases and revenue has been attributed to your campaign.

How Facebook Decides Which Purchases Come From a Campaign

Facebook uses an attribution model to determine which customer actions (such as 'add to cart' and purchases) were as a result of your campaign. An attribution model is a rule, or set of rules, that determine how to assign credit for sales and conversions based on online touchpoints.

That means if someone sees your ad and goes to your site to make a purchase within 7 days of clicking the ad or within 1 day of viewing it (whichever happened last) that purchase is attributed to your campaign. 

Circumstances In Which Campaign and Store Order Data Might Differ

When viewing your campaign from your store orders, you may see a discrepancy between Facebook's data and your purchases list. This gap could be happening due to the following reasons:

If you've activated the cookie consent banner it could affect your campaign data. Facebook Ads with Wix uses a Facebook Pixel placed on your site to track visitors and optimize ads. However, if a customer does not consent to the cookie banner (thus not consenting to the Facebook Pixel tracking) your Facebook Ads campaign won't be able to see or collect any data from them. 

Your campaign is affected in two main ways if a user does not consent to the cookie banner:
  1. Missing campaign data: any actions the user performs on your site, including purchasing a store product, won't be attributed to your campaign (though you will still see the purchase in your store purchases).
  2. Unavailable optimizations: some audience optimizations run by Wix's AI algorithm won't be available (such as audience retargeting) as it uses data from the Facebook Pixel to serve ads to audiences who have previously visited or taken actions on your site.

Learn how to manage the settings of your cookie banner here.

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