Facebook Ads: Promoting COVID-19 Related Products

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You ad campaigns will likely be rejected by Facebook if it features COVID-19 related products according to Facebook's Advertising Policies. This includes (but is not limited to) products such as:
  • COVID-19 (coronavirus) testing kits
  • Medical face masks and face protectors
  • Surgical gloves
  • COVID-19 medication/treatments
  • Anti-coronavirus sanitizers (personal and home-related)
It is possible to advertise non-medical masks and hand sanitizers. Learn more

To send your ad campaign for re-approval:

Since Facebook's rejection process is done automatically, your campaign may still be rejected even if you've removed the product(s) in question from your site. To get campaign approval, try these steps:
  1. Remove all COVID-19 related products from your site. Learn more
  2. Edit your Facebook Ads campaign and make sure all products in question are removed.
  3. Re-publish your Facebook Ads campaign for Facebook's approval. Facebook will review your campaign again and hopefully approve it.
If Facebook still rejects your campaign, contact Wix Customer Care for assistance.

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