Dayful by Wix: Embedding Your Widgets Online

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After creating your services on Dayful by Wix, generate a code to embed widgets on your existing website. You can feature a specific service to promote it, a calendar for clients to see your availability, the full list of your services and more.
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Step 1 | Generate the embed code for your service widgets

If you already have a site, you can embed different widgets as required. These include your service list, a featured service, and your service calendar. You can also embed a Book button or a clients area button to provide your clients with instant access to your services. 
Start by copying the code to the relevant widget. 

To generate the code for your service widgets:

  1. Go to Website Widgets in your Dayful dashboard. 
  2. Choose what type of widget you want to embed:
You can remove the style from the embed code of your widgets. Your button then adopts your website's style. 

Step 2 | Embed your Dayful by Wix widgets on your site

Now that you have the code for the widget you want to embed, add it to your website. Different website creation platforms can have a different methods for embedding and customizing widgets. 
If you embed your widgets into an external location, Wix cannot provide support, and Wix is no longer in control of the way your site appears or functions. Additionally, Google Analytics and search engines may not work properly with embedded widget.

To embed your Dayful by Wix widgets on your existing site:

  1. Copy the code for the widget you want to embed on Dayful by Wix. 
  2. Log in to your existing site.
  3. Embed the Dayful widget using the code you copied. Click below for more instructions if you're building a site on one of these platforms:

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