Dayful by Wix: Creating Your Services

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When using Dayful by Wix, you can offer three types of booking services: Appointments, classes and courses. Use our templates to get your services up and running quickly, or create your own services from scratch.
Connect a payment method and upgrade your plan to accept payments through your site. With a free plan, you can add one staff member and create one service. 

To create your first service:

  1. Go to the Services tab in your Dayful dashboard.
  2. Select a template or click + Start from Scratch under the relevant service type:
    • Appointment: A 1-on-1 session that clients book depending on availability.
    • Class: A group session that clients book to join at any time. 
    • Course: A multi-session service that starts and ends on specific dates.
  3. Enter the Service Name
  4. (Optional) Add more information about the service:
    • Click Add Image to showcase the service.
    • Enter a Tagline to provide more information about the service. 
    • Enter a Description to provide more details about the service so clients know what to expect.
  5. Choose the relevant place for your service under Location:
    • Business address: Choose this option for services where clients come to you. 
    • Client's place: Choose this option for services where you meet clients at their home.
    • Custom location: Choose this option for services with varying locations. 
  6. Click Price type the drop-down and choose from the following options:
    • Fixed price: Set a standard price for the service.
    • Varied Prices: 
      1. Set a default amount. 
      2. Click Manage Price Options
      3. Price options label: Enter the pricing criteria, for example "Participant age" or "Service type"
      4. Enter the different pricing options in the fields provided. 
      5. (Optional) Click + Add New Price Option to add more options. 
      6. Click Save
    • No fee: You don't display a price on your site. This is useful for services where you negotiate with the client based on their needs. 
    • Custom Price: Enter a description of how you charge for services with varying prices, in the Price Description field. For example, "Starting from $50." Clients cannot pay online when they book custom price services. 
  7. Choose when clients pay for the service under Payment Preferences from the following options:
    • Entire amount online: Choose this option if you have a Dayful premium plan and want clients to pay online. 
    • Entire amount in person: Choose this option if you have a free Dayful plan. 
    • Entire amount either online or in person: Choose this option if you have a Dayful premium plan and want to offer your clients flexible payment options. 
    • Online deposit and the rest in person: Choose this option if you have a Dayful premium plan and want to reduce no-shows for your services. 
  8. Click Save.
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