Dayful by Wix: Setting up Dayful by Wix

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Dayful by Wix is a complete scheduling platform where clients can book and pay for your services online. Manage your calendars, staff and clients in one location. Increase your bookings and encourage clients to come back by offering memberships and packages.
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To set up Dayful by Wix:

  1. Go to the Dayful by Wix site
  2. Click Start Free
  3. Sign up to Dayful using one of the following options:
    • Email and password: 
      1. Enter the relevant email and password you want to use with Dayful by Wix.
      2. Click Sign Up.
    • Continue with Google: Use your Google credentials to sign up and log in.
    • Continue with Facebook: to use your Facebook credentials to sign up and log in.
  4. Enter your business type (for example, "Beauty Salon").
  5. Click Next
  6. Enter your business name.
  7. (Optional) Enter your website URL.
  8. Click Continue to dashboard.
Connect a payment method and upgrade your plan to accept payments through your site. With a free plan, you can add one staff member and create one service. Free plans do not support online payments.

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