Dayful by Wix: Customizing Your Booking Page

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After setting up your services on Dayful by Wix, customize the page your clients use to book them. This is what they see when you share a link to the service or embed the widget on your website, so make sure it fits your brand.
To customize the design of your Booking Page, upgrade your Dayful plan
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To customize your Booking page:

  1. Go to the Channels tab in your Dayful dashboard. 
  2. Click Booking Page.
  3. Click Edit Design
  4. Choose what version of your Booking Page to edit, using the arrows next to Preview:
    • Service List: What your clients see when you display your service page. This can include any of your services. 
    • Calendar: Show clients the full weekly timetable for specific appointments or classes. 
    • Memberships and packages: Show clients your pricing plans or membership packages.
  5. Set the colors of your Booking Page on the left:
    • Background color: Choose an appropriate background for your services. 
    • Accent color: Choose the color for your Booking Page buttons.
    • Text color: Choose the color for your font, make sure it stands out from the background color and easy to read. 
    • Font: Choose the font for the text on your Booking Page. 
  6. Click Save & Publish
The design settings you choose for the Booking Page apply to all links you share and all website widgets you embed.
Click the Mobile Preview button to make sure your Booking Page design is optimized for mobile as well. 

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