Content Manager: Connecting a Button to a Collection

You can connect a button element to a dataset to define what happens when the button is clicked. You can also use content from your collection to change the text of the button.

To connect to a dataset:

  1. Click the button element in the Editor. 
  2. Click the Connect to Data icon  .
  3. Select the dataset from the dropdown under Connect a dataset.

Connection Options

For each of the connection options, you can connect to an existing content collection field as described below, or you can add a new field to your collection. Select Add a new collection field from the dropdown and then define the Field Name and Field Type. This adds a new field to your collection and automatically connects it.
Click action connects to
Select what happens when the button is clicked.

  • Dataset Actions
    Dataset action options for a button are useful when you have elements on your page that are set up to either display collection content or capture user input. See here for more details. 
  • Dynamic Pages
    Link to a dynamic item or category page that includes the current dataset item.
  • Fields
    Link to a URL, file, image, or video field in your collection. If you link to a URL field, that page is opened in a new tab. If you link to a file, image, or video field, the media stored in that field is downloaded to your visitor's device.

When successful, navigate to
If you set up your button to submit, you can also define what should happen after the submit action is completed.
  • Stay on this page: Keeps the visitor on the current page.
  • A link...: Send the visitor to a new location. The Choose a link section is displayed.
  • Fields: Link to a URL field in your collection. 

Choose a link
Click Choose to open the What do you want to link to? panel.

Label connects to
If you want your button label to change dynamically, select the text field in your collection whose content you want to use as your button's label. Otherwise, leave the label not connected to display the text from the Button Settings panel.

Choose a format
If your label is connected to a Date and Time field, you can choose the display format for your date and time. Learn more.

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