CMS: Setting Up a Deferred Dataset

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A deferred dataset is a dataset that is set to load its connected content after the rest of the page loads. When an element is connected to a deferred dataset, the non-connected content of the page loads first, and only after that does the connected content load.
You can learn more about datasets here.
To set up a deferred dataset, you must first turn Dev Mode on.
New datasets experience:
In Wix Studio, we've moved datasets to the Inspector panel on the right to make them easier for you to use. Learn more about the new datasets experience in Wix Studio

Why use a deferred dataset?

A dataset controls what content from your collection is displayed on your site using a specific element. Some elements, such as repeaters, allow you to display a large amount of content at once. However, depending on the size of the dataset, this may have an effect on your site's loading time.
When a repeater is connected to a large dataset, it is known as a 'Heavy Repeater'. Using a deferred dataset can help improve the performance of a page with a such a repeater.
What is a heavy repeater?
We consider a repeater to be 'heavy' under these conditions:
  • The repeater has more than 4 connected inner components that include images.
  • The repeater is bound to a large collection that can potentially generate a large page displaying many repeater items.
All elements connected to the deferred dataset are rendered after the other elements on the page. The repeater is the most common case where the full benefit of the deferred dataset is seen. However, it is important to remember that if a piece of text, an image or any other element is also connected to the dataset, these elements are rendered last along with the repeater.

Setting up a deferred dataset

  1. Select the dataset connected to the heavy repeater.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click the Fetch after the page loads checkbox under Performance.

Limitations and important info

Please note the following limitations to using a deferred dataset.
  • A deferred dataset can only be used in 'Read-only' and 'Read & Write' modes.
  • It is highly recommended that you do NOT filter a dataset by a deferred dataset. In this case both are rendered together and not deferred.
  • All elements that are connected to the deferred dataset are rendered with a delay - after other elements that are connected to the regular dataset are displayed. 
  • Your content is not rendered on a server, therefore it is not indexed by any search engine. As a result, it will not be recognized in terms of SEO. 
  • A repeater connected to a deferred dataset can trigger layout jumping, so it is recommended to use the deferred dataset for a repeater outside the visible area of the page.
  • This is an advanced feature and is not normally required. When used incorrectly, it can actually slow a page down. Please make sure you have a clear understanding of how it works before deciding to use it.

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