Business Phone Number: Blocking a Phone Number

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Block a contact from calling you from your Inbox. Once you've blocked a number, the conversation is deleted and the number is added to your blocked numbers list.
Blocking a number is only available if you have purchased a business phone number. If you do not have a business phone number you can still report a message as spam.

To block a phone number:

  1. Go to Wix Inbox.
  2. Select the conversation you want to block.
  3. Click the Show More icon  next to the contact name.
  4. Click Block Number.
    Note: If both the email and phone number of the contact are listed click Report & Block to block the phone number and report the email address as spam.

  5. Click Block & Delete to confirm. 
The conversation is deleted from your Inbox and the contact is blocked. You can view all your blocked numbers in the blocked numbers list
You can also block a number from Inbox in the Wix Owner app. Tap the Show More icon  at the top of the conversation you want to block and tap Block Number.
Note: Click Report & Block if both the email and phone number of the contact are available.

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