Branded App: The Process of Creating a Branded App

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The majority of the branded app process is done from your Wix account. This helps you keep track of everything in one place and gives you easy access between your site and app. From the Branded App dashboard you can design your app, connect your Apple and Google developer accounts and eventually submit the app to the stores.
Watch the process of creating a branded app live in a step-by-step video tutorial.

Decide on the app's look and feel at every stage of the visitor experience, from the home screen icon to how it looks on the launch and login screens. You can also select a theme for your app by choosing a theme color, cover photo and branding it with your logo.
Design your app's theme and logo from the Branded App dashboard using a desktop. In Step 2, you'll customize your app's layout and content from the Wix Owner app.

To design your app's theme and logo:

  1. Go to the Branded App dashboard in your Wix account. 
  2. Click the App Customization tab.
  3. Choose your app's name and icon, branding, and design a launch and login screen. Learn more about designing your branded app.
A screenshot of the App Customization tab of the Branded App dashboard.

Step 2 | Edit your layout and content using the Wix Owner app

Once you've finished branding your app, customize its layout and content using the Wix Owner app. From here you can update your app's header, add navigation tabs and create custom buttons so visitors can book services, contact you, sign up for a newsletter and more.

To edit the content and layout:

  1. Go to your site in the Wix Owner app.
  2. Tap Site & App  at the bottom.
  3. Tap Customize under Branded App.
  4. Edit your branded app's layout and content. Learn more about editing your app content.

Step 3 | Connect Apple and Google Developer accounts

When the design and content of your app is finished, the next step is to register for an Apple and a Google Developer account. Follow Wix's step-by-step instructions from your Branded App dashboard to register. This can take a few days and is determined by Apple and Google's processing times. 
Your Branded App plan does not include the app registration fee from Apple and Google.
  • To create an Apple Developer account you also have to enroll in Apple's Developer program. This is a separate cost through Apple starting at $99 USD a year.
  • To create a Google Developer account you also have to join the Google Developer Program. This is a $25 USD one-time fee that you pay separately to Google

To connect Apple and Google Developer accounts:

  1. Go to the Branded App dashboard in your Wix account. 
  2. Click the Apple Developer Account tab and follow the instructions to start registering your account. When you've finished registering, do the same for the Google Developer Account tab.
Learn more about registering for an Apple Developer account and a Google Developer account.
A screenshot of the Connect an Apple Developer Account section of the Branded App Dashboard

Step 4 | Get your app live in the app stores

Once you've registered, you'll submit your app first to Wix for review. We'll then submit your app to Apple and Google. Once your app is approved by the App Store and Google Play, it will go live and your community will be able to download it.

To get your app live in the app stores:

  1. Go to the Branded App dashboard in your Wix account. 
  2. Click the Branded App Overview tab. If you are unable to click this tab, it means you haven't completed all the setup steps. Learn more about submitting your app.

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