Branded App: An Overview

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Create a fully branded mobile app that showcases your professionalism and sets your business apart. Branded App by Wix seamlessly connects with your site so members can book services, purchase products, and connect with you. You have full control over the app's features and content, and once it's approved your app will go live in Apple's App Store and Google Play.
Learn all about the benefits of a branded app as well as how to create one with our video tutorial.
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What is Branded App?

Branded App by Wix gives you the ability to create a fully branded mobile app for your business. Design the app's features, content and functionality from the Branded App dashboard in your Wix account and from the Wix Owner App. You get complete ownership over your app and can enhance your members' experience using all of Wix's business solutions.
Whether you have an online store, educational company, food blog, fitness studio, or restaurant, there are many ways to personalize your branded app to suit your business needs. 
Some examples of industries that can benefit from a branded app include:
  • Online stores
  • Restaurants
  • Events companies
  • Fitness companies and studios
  • Bookings and services
  • Education
  • Communities
Want to see the Branded App in action?
Download example eCommerce, fitness and restaurant apps to see how a branded app can work for different industries. Learn how

The benefits of building a branded app

When you build a branded app using Wix, you get access to all of Wix's marketing and business solutions and you can offer your visitors a seamless digital experience between your website and your app. Some other benefits of a branded app include:
  • Increased customer loyalty and retention
  • Better engagement with your community
  • Complete ownership of your brand
  • A professional mobile experience for your customers
  • Use notifications as a marketing tool to promote your business, send updates and announce new products or services
  • Syncing of your app with Wix's business and marketing tools

The connection between your website and branded app

Whenever you create and publish a Wix site, you also get a mobile-first experience of your site in the Wix Member Apps (Spaces App). The member apps give your community a place to interact with your site from their mobile devices. By default, your site's member app is the Spaces App. Once you purchase a branded app and your app goes live, you can switch your member app to your branded app.
Any Wix apps you've installed on your site (e.g. Stores, Blog, Bookings) are seamlessly connected to your branded app. Therefore, any changes or edits made on your dashboard including adding items to an online store, creating new booking sessions, or publishing a new blog post, are all reflected in the app. 
Design changes to your site don't affect your app's design.
Your branded app content also includes tabs and widgets for your installed Wix apps. For example, if you have Wix Events on your website you automatically get an Events tab in your branded app. Then, when you update your event listings from your dashboard, they automatically update on your branded app.
You can update all other branded app content (e.g. adding an About section, custom buttons and more) using the Wix Owner app. Learn more

The process of creating a branded app

Start creating your app for free by designing its theme, login and launch screens from your Wix account. You can also download a free preview link of the app to your phone to see how it looks. Once you like the look of the design, update the content inside your app from the Wix Owner app. Finally, upgrade to a Branded App plan to connect an Apple Developer and Google Developer account and submit your app for approval.

How to download and view branded app examples

Download example branded apps on your mobile device to see how Branded App by Wix works for different industries. Use the QR codes below or copy the App Store and Google Play download links.
You can also choose to hire a professional from the Wix Marketplace to help design your branded app. Click Hire a Professional at the bottom of the Branded App dashboard to get started.


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