Content Manager: Adding and Setting Up a Slider

This element is not yet available in Editor X.
Add a horizontal slider to your site. Users can move the handle to make a selection from a range of values which is then stored in a collection. 

Step 1 | Adding and Setting up a Slider

  1. Click Addon the left side of the Editor.
  2. Click User Input.
  3. Click and drag the slider element of your choice. 
  4. Click Settings
  5. Select one of the following options:
    • Continuous: Users can select any value within the range you define.
    • Stepped: Users can select specific values, which let you control the data users can submit. Select an option under Set steps by:
      • Number: Enter the number of steps. 
      • Value: Enter a step value.
  6. Enter a Minimum value.
  7. Enter a Maximum value.
  8. Enter a Default selected value
  9. Select the Read only checkbox if you want users to only select a given value.  

Step 2 | Connecting Your Slider

  1. Click the slider on your site. 
  2. Click the Connect to Data  icon.
  3. Click Connect a dataset to choose a dataset from the drop-down list.
  4. Click Selected value connects to to:
    • Choose an existing field in your collection. 
    • Click Add a new collection field to create a new field in your collection. 
      • Enter a field name. 
      • Select a field type. 
Make sure you have a submit button on your page so visitors can submit their selection.

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