Add Structured Data Markup to Your Site's Pages

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Structured data markup is a standardized format for giving search engines detailed information about your page. Add structured data markup to your site's page to help improve your website's search results and ranking. Learn More
  • Structured data markup is an advanced topic. Wix Customer Care cannot help with any changes to your site's structured data. If you have problems with structured data for your site, check out our structured data troubleshooting help article.
  • Adding structured data to your site's pages does not guarantee that search engines will create rich results for them.
  • You can only add markup to static pages of your site. It's not possible to add markup to dynamic pages.

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You can also add structured data markup in your site's SEO Settings for your Wix Stores product pages, Wix Bookings services, Blog posts, Forum posts, and Event pages.

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