Wix Video: About Your Wix Video Player on Mobile

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You can customize your Video Player's mobile view to look differently to the desktop view. Choose a layout that's right for you and customize the design settings to make sure your Video Player looks great from any device. 

Choose the Layout

The Wix Video Player on Mobile allows you to choose from two available layout options: Compact and Vertical. To see more videos on Compact swipe right and while on Vertical scroll down. 
Choose the layout you like best. 

Customize the Design

You can customize the design settings from the Design tab. Here you have two options: Menu Design and Action Buttons Design
Customize the design to match your site.
  • It is not recommended have the background/button color the same as the text. 
  • It is not possible to remove or change the color of the black bars on the video player.
  • It is not possible to adjust the size of the player. 

What Your Visitors See

The Show More icon at the top right allows your visitors to access more features such as visiting your channel, buying a channel subscription, and signing in or sharing videos. 
Visitors can click the Video Cover to see the description of your video or the Channel Cover for a description of the channel. 
  • On mobile devices, Action Cards appear on the Video Page and not on the video player during playback. 
  • Currently, comments on live streams and videos are only supported on desktop and are not available when accessing the site from a mobile device.
  • Altering frame sizes can only be done on desktop. If you try to alter the player's size the frame will switch back to the default size. 
  • Changes made to buttons (and the player menu) do not reflect until viewing in preview mode. 

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