Wix Video: About Selling and Renting Videos

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Wix Video gives you professional tools to easily distribute and monetize your video content, for example, your viewers can choose to buy or rent your videos. In addition to selling and renting your video content you can also allow viewers to subscribe to your video channel.
You can let viewers stream your videos for free. This means that your viewers do not need to pay to view any of the videos on your site. Lean more.
  • Switching over to Pricing Plans cancels all the existing subscriptions you had in place with the old subscription option. 
  • You can only sell or rent videos that you have uploaded (not videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook), or videos you've made yourself using Wix Video Maker.
  • Your site visitors need to sign up/become a site member in order to purchase videos, subscriptions, and also rent videos. 

Selling Videos

You can sell your videos to viewers and set the price to your liking. This means that viewers can pay to have unlimited streaming of the video content, allowing them to view the video as much as they want. You can also choose if you want to allow viewers to download the video or watch it on your site.

Renting Videos

You can rent your videos to viewers for a specific time period. You can also set your own price for rentals. 

Channel Pricing Plans

With Wix Pricing Plans, you can allow your viewers to buy a subscription to your video channel. This means that they can choose to pay weekly, monthly, or yearly to view all the videos in your channel. They can also view any new videos you add to your channel.

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