Wix Studio: Creating and Sending Email Marketing Campaigns

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Create a professional email marketing campaign in Wix Studio and send it to your clients. Choose a template or start from scratch to customize your email campaign. Preview and test your campaign, choose your recipients, and send it out. Your campaign will then be reviewed for compliance before being sent to your recipients.

Once your email campaign is sent, you can view detailed statistics to see how your recipients interacted with your email.
This feature is available to Partners who are part of the Wix Marketplace and to those who used email marketing in the Partners Dashboard before switching to Studio.

Step 1 | Choose a template or create your own email

Get started with your email marketing campaign by choosing from a wide range of templates or creating your own email.

To create an email campaign:

  1. Go to Marketplace Overview in your Wix Studio workspace.
  2. Click the Email Marketing tab on the left.
  3. Choose what you want to do:
    • Use a template: Select the template you want to use. 
    • Create your own email: Click More Templates, and then click + Create Email at the top left or Create Your Own Email at the bottom.
A screenshot of email marketing templates and click view more to see more templates.

Step 2 | Customize your email campaign

Use the email campaign editor to design a visually appealing and engaging newsletter that will stand out in your clients' inboxes. Add elements from the panel on the left and select elements in your campaign to edit them. You can also choose a theme for the color and text, customize the background and more. 
A screenshot of using the email campaign editor to add elements and customize your email.

(Optional) Step 3 | Preview and send a test email

We recommend previewing your emails before sending them. Check their appearance on both desktop and mobile and adjust them if necessary. Send yourself a test email to see how the campaign will look and function. 

To preview and test your campaign:

  1. Click Preview & Test at the top right.
  2. Choose what you want to do: 
    • Click the Mobile icon  to see how your email campaign looks on mobile devices.
    • Click the Desktop icon  to see how your email campaign looks on a desktop computer. 
    • Click Send Test Email at the top to send yourself a test email: 
      1. Enter the email address that the test email should be sent to (your own).
      2. (Optional) Edit the Subject, Sender's name, and Reply-to email fields.
      3. Click Send.
      4. Click Done.
  3. Click Back to Editing at the top right to return to the campaign editor. 
A screenshot of previewing your email marketing campaign before sending it.

Step 4 | Choose who to send your campaign to

Next, add the recipients you want to send your email to. You can select contacts individually or choose labels that add groups of contacts at once. If you have a list of subscribers you need to add that are not yet in your contacts, you can import them from Google or a CSV file. 
Make sure to follow the Wix Email Marketing best practices when choosing your recipients.

To add recipients:

  1. From your campaign editor, click Next at the top right.
  2. (Optional) Import contacts from a CSV file or your Gmail account. Click Import Contacts then choose an option. Learn more about importing contacts
  3. Select the checkbox next to the relevant labels, filters, or contacts to add recipients.
You can also click the To: field and enter the name, email address, label, or filters of the contact(s) you want to add, and select them from the list. Repeat this process to add more contacts.
A screenshot of selecting your contacts to add as recipients for the email campaign.

Step 5 | Review and send your campaign

Review your campaign and edit the subject line, sender details, or add additional recipients. Then send your campaign or schedule it to be sent automatically later.

To review and send your campaign:

  1. From the Campaign Overview page, edit the final sending details:
    • Subject line: Click Edit to enter the subject line and preview text for the emails. You can add dynamic text by clicking + Personalize and choosing an option. 
    • Sender details: Click Manage to edit the sender's name and reply-to email displayed to recipients.
    • Email recipients: Click Edit to add additional recipients to this email campaign.
  2. Choose how to send your campaign:
    • Schedule: Select the date and time you want to send the campaign and click Schedule to confirm.
      Tip: You can edit or reschedule your campaign before it is sent.
    • Send Now: Your campaign gets added to the send queue, where it will be reviewed and sent soon. You can also copy the link to share directly. Click Done.
A screenshot of reviewing your campaign before sending it or scheduling it to be sent at a later time.
What's next?
Once you've sent out your campaign, go back to the Email Marketing tab and check out the statistics. It may take up to 24 hours for your statistics to show in some cases.

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