Wix Stores: Setting Up Modalyst Dropshipping via the Wix Dashboard

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Add dropshipping products to your store to increase your product selection or diversify the categories you sell. 
When your customers purchase these products, the supplier ships them directly to them. There's no need to warehouse inventory or manage shipping and fulfillment.  Instead, you can focus on marketing and selling while suppliers take care of the rest.
Wix now offers 2 ways to connect and add Modalyst products:
  • Wix dashboard: Add products suggested for your store. Pricing, shipping, and more are already set up. You can manage Modalyst products in the Wix dashboard. Read more below.
  • Add the Modalyst app: Add the Modalyst app and then go to the Modalyst site to choose and customize your selections. Start by connecting the Modalyst app.
In this article, learn more about:

Adding products to your store

You can now add Modalyst ready-to-sell and print on demand products right from your Wix dashboard.
Print on demand products are customized items you can sell with your own design, such as a backpack with your company logo or a t-shirt displaying with your original art.
Screenshot of a print on demand product
Ready-to-sell dropshipping products are, as the name implies, products you can add to your store and start selling right away. No need to add your own design.  
  • Products come with optimized settings, so you can start selling right away. If you do want to customize the settings, you're free to do so. 
  • Wix uses AI to suggest products based on your industry and information about click-through behavior. Select the ones you want and click to add them. 

To add Modalyst products:

  1. Go to Find Products to Sell in your Wix dashboard.
  2. Choose which product you want to add:

Pricing for dropshipping products

When you view Modalyst dropshipping products in the Find Products to Sell tab in your dashboard, you can see a preview of how much they cost you. This is the product price only - without shipping included. 
Shipping is automatically added to the product price when products are added to your Products tab.
Screenshot of ready to sell products available in the Find Products to Sell tab
You have the options of editing the default markup for POD or ready to sell products by creating pricing rules

Customer price

When a dropshipping product is added to your store, it comes with a suggested retail price. This is the price your customer sees in your store. 
Screenshot of the pricing section of a product
The markup is 1.6 (POD) or 1.67 (Ready-to-Sell) times the price you pay for the product.
You can make changes to this price. Just make sure your profit and margin remain in line with your business goals.
Screenshot of the cost of goods section on the product creation page

Cost of goods

The Cost of goods is the product price plus shipping. This makes it easy for you to offer free shipping without it affecting your profit margin. 
Screenshot of the whole pricing section on the product creation page
If a product has product options, the variants may be priced differently. In this case, you can view and manage the cost of goods by clicking Edit next to Manage variants in the product.
Screenshot of the product option section of the product creation page with the Edit button outlined
There, you can adjust pricing per variant and view the cost of goods per variant.
For more advanced pricing management, go to the Modalyst dashboard.

Pricing rules

You can override the default markup and include shipping in the product price by creating your own pricing rules. 
You can also create a rule to give your prices a consistent ending. For example, set all prices to end in .99 cents.
To access the pricing settings, go to Products in your site's dashboard, click More Actions, and select the relevant option.
Screenshot of the more actions drop-down in the products tab, with the pricing rule options outlined
Learn more about creating your own pricing rules:

Understanding shipping

All Modalyst dropshipping products you see in your store are shipped directly to your customers by suppliers.
Whatever shipping rules you created for your store apply to dropshipping products as well. If you want to create a special rate for dropshipping products, you can do so by setting up a rate by product shipping rule. 
For more detailed information on exact shipping rates your supplier charges when shipping to different locations, go to the Modalyst dashboard. 
Print on Demand (POD) products (products you design) can currently only be shipped to customers in the US.

How products are fulfilled

When a customer purchases a dropshipping product, you need to pay the supplier of that product. The supplier then ships the product directly to your customer. 


Click below for answers to the most frequently asked questions about setting up Modalyst dropshipping in the Wix dashboard. 

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