Wix Stores: Setting Up Free Shipping Above a Set Price

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You can offer your customers free shipping every time they make a purchase above a certain price. 

To offer free shipping above a set price:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Set up a Flat Rate shipping rule. Learn how
    • Set up a Rate by Weight shipping rule.  Learn how
    • Set up a Rate by Product shipping rule. Learn how
  2. After setting your rates, click the Offer Free Shipping on orders above a specific subtotal checkbox.
  3. Enter the price above which shipping is free.
If you set up additional shipping services (e.g. Express Shipping), select the checkbox and amount for each shipping service you create:
Want to learn more?
Check out the full Wix Learn course on getting started with Wix eCommerce. Skip to the fourth video to learn more about setting up shipping.

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