Wix Stores: Setting Up Dropshipping with Printful

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After you connect your store to Printful, you can start creating products to sell in your Wix store.  
Printful is a print on demand service. This means that you can add products to your store with no subscription fees, no minimums, and no need to purchase inventory. You only pay when a customer places an order.

Step 1 | Connect your store and start creating products

Log in to Printful and select the Stores tabs in the Printful dashboard. If not already connected, click Add next to your Wix store.
You're now ready to create your first product and set pricing. Watch Tutorial
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Step 2 | Set up shipping

Printful ships worldwide. Make sure you set up shipping in your Wix dashboard, and take into consideration Printful shipping costs. You can charge for shipping separately or you might want to increase the product price so that it covers the shipping cost and then offer free shipping - the choice is yours. 
If you prefer to charge different shipping rates for your Printful products than for other products, set that up using the Shipping Rate by Product method. Let's look at an example:

Step 3 | Add a billing method in Printful

After a customer pays for a purchase of a Printful product, (or when you mark an order as "Paid"), the next step is to pay Printful so they can fulfill the order. You can handle payments to Printful in a number of ways. Read the instructions below or watch this video tutorial.

Automatically charging your billing method for each order

You can save one or more credit cards and/or PayPal as billing methods. Each order that comes in is automatically billed. The advantage of this method is that it happens automatically, without you having to take any action after setup. The disadvantage is that you may prefer not to have each order billed separately in your billing method, if you have a high volume of orders.
To set up automatic payment, add a billing method in the Printful dashboard.

Manually depositing to your Printful wallet

If you prefer not to have your billing method charged for each order that comes in, you can manually deposit funds into the wallet. Printful then withdraws funds from the wallet for each order. 
As you make more sales and the funds draw down, you will eventually need to deposit funds into the wallet. To get started, add the first sum to your wallet.

Automatic deposits to your Printful wallet

After manually depositing to your Printful Wallet and saving your billing method for future orders, you can make sure your wallet doesn't run out of funds by setting up auto recharge.  
You set how much you want to add to your wallet (e.g. $200). When an order comes in that can't be paid with the money left in the wallet, the amount you set is charged (in this case $200).
This method has the advantage of being automatic so each order is paid for as soon as it comes it, but without charging each order separately.    
Learn more about fulfilling Printful orders
Want to see what your products look like before they're sent to customers? You can order samples to ensure that that you've created the perfect product for your store.

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