Wix Stores: Sending Automated Emails to Customers

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Manage your business more efficiently with Wix Automations. Choose from a variety of automated emails to suit your needs - some of them designed especially to work with Wix Stores.  
These automations are already set to go. Just select the one you want to use and click Activate, or customize the timing, images, text, and more to make it your own. Learn how to create a new automation.
In this article, learn about some Wix Stores automated email options:

Sending an email when a customer abandons a cart

A great way to boost sales among customers who are undecided is to send them an email after they leave your store with items in their carts. The email automatically displays one of the items they abandoned.  Learn more about abandoned cart emails.
Screenshot of and abandoned cart Automation
To get started, click +New Automation and select Email visitors to recover abandoned carts.
Screenshot of New Automation selection screen

Inviting customers back after a purchase

Create a connection by sending your customers an automated message after they complete a purchase. This is a great opportunity to tell them more about your other products or deals. 
Note that this email is sent in addition to the confirmation email that every customer receives after placing an order. By default, the timing is set for 30 days after the initial order was placed.
To get started, click +New Automation, select Sell more online, and then click Invite customers back via email.
Screenshot of New Automation selection screen

Asking customers for their feedback

Want to know what's working in your store and what isn't? Ask your shoppers.
Screenshot of a Automation asking customers for feedback
To get started, click +New Automation, select Engage with clients, and then click Get feedback from customers.
Screenshot of New Automation selection screen

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