Wix Stores: Offering Rewards and Incentives

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While it's important to attract new customers to your store, it's even more important to keep existing customers coming back again and again - along with their friends and families. Offering rewards and incentives can help make that happen.

Create a loyalty program

Create a loyalty program to boost sales, increase retention, and keep customers happy. You can customize it to reflect your store's personality. Choose a program name, a name for your points, and an icon that represents your brand.
Customer get points every time they perform set actions, such as buying $50 worth of items. When they've accumulated enough points, they can redeem them using coupons. You decide which actions they take to earn points, how many points they get per action, and what the rewards are.
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Offer gift cards

Attract new customers and keep existing customers coming back by offering digital gift cards. 
Customers purchase cards on the Gift Card page of your site. You can let customers purchase gift cards for themselves or for others on your site's Gift Card page. You choose the gift card amounts, or even let customers choose their own.
Later, customers can redeem the cards when making a purchase online.
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Launch a referral program

Give existing customers an incentive to refer their friends to your store. 
With the Wix Referral Program, site members can refer friends by sharing referral URLs. You have the option to reward both the customer doing the referring and the friend being referred.
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