Wix Stores: Displaying the Product Price per Unit

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Display a price breakdown to make it easy for customers to compare prices. 
Displaying a price per unit is required in some regions, such as Germany.
To set up the price per unit display like in the image above, you need to select your type of unit (in this example, it's ounces), then enter the total weight of the product (it's a 5 ounce jar) and then what you want to calculate by (1 ounce is your base unit). 
After entering these parameters, the price per ounce (for example) is calculated automatically and appears on your live site under the product price. 
After setup:
The price per unit calculation updates automatically whenever you:
  • Change the product price
  • Add a sale price
  • Add product variants with higher or lower prices

To add a price per unit display:

  1. Go to Products in your site's dashboard.
  2. Create a new physical product or edit an existing one.
  3. In the Pricing section, enable the Show price per unit toggle. 
  4. Under Total product quantity in units, select the relevant type of unit (e.g. ounces) from the drop-down.
    Tip: You can switch between metric and imperial units in your regional settings. Learn more
  5. Under Total product quantity in units, enter the total product quantity in units (e.g. if you are selling a 5 ounce jar, enter "5"). 
  6. Enter the unit you want to measure by (e.g. enter 1 ounce to display a price per ounce).
  7. Click Save.

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