Wix Retail POS: Accepting Exchanges from Customers

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  • This article is about Wix Retail POS tablet for brick & mortar stores. 
  • For info on using POS on a mobile device, click here.
Keep your customers satisfied by allowing them to exchange purchased items. If the new item they choose isn't the same price, you can refund the difference or charge them for the additional cost. 
  • You can only accept exchanges for products purchased at a POS, not online. 
  • You cannot accept exchanges when the order was paid for with 2 payment methods (split payment)
  • You can exchange orders paid for with a gift card only when the price of the exchanged products is the same (i.e. the customer isn't refunded or charged).

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Accepting exchanges from customers

Starting October 25, 2023, the ability to accept exchanges from customers will be available only to merchants with a Wix Retail Pro Plan. Note that without the pro plan, you can still offer refunds. Learn more
To start processing the exchange, first locate the original purchase in your sales history. From there you can select what the customer is returning and add what they're taking instead. 

To let customers exchange purchased items:

  1. Open the POS tablet.
  2. Tap Sales History from the bottom bar.
  3. Select the relevant sale.
    Tip: You can search for a sale by order number, customer name, or customer email.
  4. Tap Actions at the top right.
  5. Tap Exchange.
  6. Use the Plus icons to select how many of each product the customer wants to exchange.
  1. Tap Next.
  2. Select the new product the customer wants.
    Tip: You can scan the new item with your barcode scanner or select it from the product list.
  3. Select the type of sale:

Viewing exchanges in your sales history

After you process the exchange, the original order is updated to show the changes. 
In addition, a new order is created to show the "sale" of the new item (even if there was no payment transaction).

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