Wix Restaurants: Limiting the Number of Orders Placed

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Increase your fulfillment time using order pacing to ensure smooth service during your peak hours. 

Set the number of orders your restaurant can fulfill every 15 minutes and when it should apply. Once you've hit the limit, customers placing their orders will see longer fulfillment times.
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Setting up order pacing

Set the maximum number of orders your restaurant can fulfill every 15 minutes and your peak hours. You can also include contactless dine-in orders.
Order pacing is available only for ASAP orders.

To set up order pacing:

  1. Go to Order Settings in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Advanced.
  3. Click the Order Pacing toggle:
    • Enabled: Limit the number of orders placed according to your rush hours:
      • Order limit per 15 minutes: Enter the number of orders you can fulfill every 15 minutes.
      • Include Contactless Dine-in orders: Select the checkbox to include contactless dine-in orders.
      • Rush hours: Set the days of week and times of day to apply the order limit to and click Apply.
    • Disabled: Customers can place orders on your site without any limitations.
  4. Click Save.
A screenshot of setting up Order Pacing in your site's dashboard.


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