Wix Restaurants FAQ: Can I offer free delivery for orders over a specific price?

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Yes, this is a great way to encourage customers to order more. To allow free delivery over a specific minimum price you'll need to create 2 separate delivery areas for the same location, 1 with the regular delivery price for that area, and another with a minimum order fee and free delivery.

To set up free delivery for orders above a minimum price:

  1. Set up your first delivery area following the instructions here. You may have already done this, if so, skip to the next step.
  2. Add another delivery area with a minimum order price and 0 delivery charge:
You can also use this method to set up different delivery charges based on the price of your customers' orders. For example:
  • For orders over $30 - Free delivery  
  • For orders between $15 and $30 - $3 delivery charge
  • For orders under $15 - $5 delivery charge
To create different delivery charges based on price, simply create delivery areas for the same geographical area - one for each type of delivery charge.

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