Wix Restaurants: About the Wix Owner App for your Restaurant

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Stay on top of what's going on in your restaurant, even when you are not there. The Wix Owner app allows you to manage all aspects of your business on-the-go.
With the Wix Owner app you can:
  • Receive instant notifications: You will get a notification as soon as an order or reservation comes in.
  • Connect to customers:  Easily contact customers by phone or email.
  • Manage orders: See what orders are coming in and follow up on how long it takes for them to go out.
  • Manage reservations: Accept or decline reservations from any location and update your reservation settings on the go.
  • Manage dish availability: Mark dishes that are not in stock so customers know not to order them.
  • Print restaurant orders: Print incoming and past orders right from your device using a network printer (printer connected to WiFi) or with the Star Micronics TSP654II Bluetooth printer.

Learn more about managing your restaurant in the Wix Owner app:

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