Wix Pro Gallery: About Responsive Layouts

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Your Wix Pro Gallery behaves responsively when you choose certain layouts and set it to Full Width. This means that the position of your gallery items and their size may change when the browser window is resized across all devices.

Responsiveness in custom layouts

The Wix Pro Gallery offers a variety of customizable layouts. Each layout behaves differently when set to Full Width and viewed on different screen / browser / frame sizes. 
Click a layout below to learn how it behaves across varying screen sizes:

Responsiveness in preset layouts

Since Preset layouts are non-customizable, the size and / or position of gallery items may change in different screen / browser / frame sizes. The number of gallery items in the gallery, and an item's original dimensions, may further affect their size and position.
Learn more about choosing Preset layouts.


Click a question below to learn more about responsiveness in Pro Gallery layouts:

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