Wix Photo Albums: Troubleshooting Album URL Issues

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With Wix Photo Albums, you can create a custom URL for your album for a more personalized and professional look. Your photo album then receives a subdomain which is connected to your domain. 

About Your Subdomain

A subdomain is a small piece of text that is added to your main domain name. If you've connected a domain to your site, your custom subdomain replaces the "www" part in the beginning. If not, it comes after your site domain as follows: 
  • Before the domain: https://album123.mystunningwebsite.com
  • After the domain: https://mystunningwebsite.wixsite.com/album123
New Photo Albums are now built on Editor X templates:
  • Old free album URLs have the following structure: https://mystunningwebsite.wixsite.com/album123 
  • New free album URLs have the following structure: https://mystunningwebsite.editorx.io/album123
If you have more than one domain connected to your site, the subdomain is connected to your primary domain.

Guidelines for Your Custom URL

Please follow these guidelines when choosing a subdomain:
  • Characters must be in US-ASCII. For example, characters such as ¥, ñ, etc., are invalid. 
  • Characters can only be ASCII letters, digits and hyphens.
  • Hyphens cannot appear at the beginning or the end of the domain name.
  • Total length can be no more than 20 characters.
  • ab-- form will violate the IDNA restrictions(-- cannot appear in the 3rd and 4th locations). The only string that allows this form is the one prefixed with xn--, which represents Punycode (usually used for non-latin domain names).

Troubleshooting Your Album URL

If you are unable to view your album after changing its URL, follow the troubleshooting steps below:

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