Wix Payments: Account Has Been Closed

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To protect the integrity of Wix Payments, we may close an account if we deem that account to be in breach of the Wix Payments terms of service.
As part of the onboarding to Wix Payments and continued use of our service, you are asked to provide information and documentation. This is used to verify and assess your eligibility to use Wix Payments. 
Additionally, we may ask you to update your details or provide further documentation. If you don't complete this request in time, your account will be closed.  
Should your Wix Payments account receive an excessive number of fraudulent transactions, or if you are selling goods or services listed in our prohibited products and services list, your account will be closed.
Once your account is closed, any credit remaining in your account is refunded to the credit card owner (the customer).
For more information, see the Wix Payments, Adyen, Stripe United States and Stripe Canada terms and conditions.

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