Wix Multilingual: Translating the "My Orders" Page

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Sites with Wix Stores and a Members Area have a "My Orders" page where customers can track orders.
If you use Wix Multilingual to create versions of your site in different languages, the text that appears in your Member's Area is automatically translated. You can, however, replace the default text with text of your choice - in each of your languages.

To translate the My Orders page:

  1. Access the Pages panel in your Editor: 
2.  Click Member Pages.
3.  Select My Orders.
4.  (In the My Orders page) Select the My Orders section.
5.  Click Settings.
6.  Click the Text tab.
7.  Translate the page's title, subtitle and other texts and messages.
To vote for the option of translating other parts of the Members Area, click here

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