Wix Media: Creating a Video from Your Media Files

1 min read
Looking for a creative way to show off your uploaded images? Why not trying combining them and bringing them to life in a stunning and professional video! 
From the Media Manager, just choose the images you want to add to your video, and we will do all the editing work for you.

To create a video from your media files:

  1. Go to your Media Manager.
  2. Select the images or videos you want to use. To select multiple files, press Shift + mouse click.
  3. Click Create a Video.
  1. Customize your video by clicking the tabs along the top.
  2. Click Save & Share to download a your video in high definition to your computer, or share it on Facebook or YouTube, or click Back to Editing to make changes to the video.
Add a video player to your site to display the video. Learn how in the:

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