Studio Editor: Adding and Customizing Videos

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Videos are a great way to engage site visitors and tell them the brand story. The Studio Editor makes it easy to showcase your content, embed from social media and add stunning video-based design elements. 
In this article, learn more about:

Adding a video

Choose the right video element for your needs. You can add a single video player or a VideoBox, which offers more elaborate customization options. You can also add videos with transparent backgrounds, designed by Wix, to decorate the site. 

To add a new video:

  1. Click Add Elements on the left side of the Editor.
  2. Click Media.
  3. Select a video type under Video:
    • Single Video Players: Upload your own video or embed one from a social network. 
    • VideoBox: Showcase your own videos, free Wix videos, or professional Shutterstock videos in beautifully designed video containers. 
    • Transparent Video: Add or upload your own videos with transparent backgrounds. 
  4. Drag a video to the desired location on the page.
A screenshot of the Add Elements panel, showing the different video elements you can add

Customizing a single video player

Customize the Single Video Player's layout, design and behavior to your specific needs. You can choose whether your video starts playing automatically and / or in a loop, decide which controls to show and design them as well. 

To customize a single video player:

  1. Select the video player.
  2. Choose how to customize it:
A screenshot of a single video player with its Settings panel, and the Inspector panel, open

Customizing a VideoBox

When using VideoBoxes to display media, you get a lot of creative liberty to make them part of the design. Set the video to play exactly how it should, choose an interesting shape for it and design every detail - from the cover image to the borders.

To customize a VideoBox:

  1. Select the VideoBox.
  2. Choose how to customize it:
A screenshot of a VideoBox with the Inspector panel and the Behaviors panel open

Troubleshooting videos

Having issues with your video? Click a question below to learn more:

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