Wix Logo: Tips and Tricks for Using Your Logo with Your Wix Site and Products

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You can use your Wix Logo in various places across your site and account. To help you get the best out of your logo, we've outlined which Wix Logo files should be used in certain areas of your site.

Wix Editor Header

You can use any Wix Logo file on your site built with the Editor. However, there are some differences.
SVG files are the best option to use, as they can be resized without any quality loss. But note that they come with a transparent background by default, so you need to make sure they don’t blend in with the page background. SVG files need to be uploaded to a site as vector images. Learn more
If you want to have a logo with background color we suggest using an "Original.png" file. Learn more
If you chose to use the “Original on transparent.PNG” file and some parts of your logo appear to be cut in the Editor, try clicking the "Reset Image" feature in the image settings. Learn more


The Wix Logo files include a favicon file. This file always has a transparent background. If you prefer to have a colored background, you should use the "Original.png" file.
If you choose to use this file, we recommend removing any extra space in it using Wix Photo Studio to make sure the favicon is as visible as possible. Make sure to keep the 1:1 proportion while cropping. Learn how to add a Favicon and how to crop an image

Invoices, Promotional Videos & Wix Stores

The "Original.png" logo file is the most suitable to add to your Business Info. After adding a logo to your Business Info, it automatically appears in various locations to add a touch of branding. For example, you can see your logo in the Wix Stores checkout page and Wix Stores invoices sent out to customers, in your promotional videos (if enabled), Wix Invoices and more.
Click here to learn how to add a logo to your site's Business Information 

Email Marketing

The best option is to use the “Original on Transparent.PNG" file that way the logo will be big and clear. If you want to use the file with a background you can upload the Original file and use Photo Studio to cut the extra space off the logo. This will help make the image more visible. Click here to learn how to add a logo to an email campaign. 

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