Wix Forum: General Troubleshooting

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If you're experiencing issues with the Wix Forum, check out this troubleshooting checklist to help resolve the issue.

Troubleshooting Local Issues

Often issues arise locally, which means they can be resolved at home. Fixing local issues helps your computer's performance. We recommend trying the following:
  1. Disconnecting and reconnecting to your internet.
  2. Clearing your cache and cookies.
  3. Opening your site in a different browser.
You can check if the issue you are encountering is cookie or cache related by opening your browser in incognito / private mode and see if the problem persists.

Still having trouble?

  • Please go through our Technical Assistant, including clearing your browser's cache and cookies, to try to resolve this issue and to check whether you are experiencing a local issue on your computer or with your internet connection.
  • If you have completed the assistant and are still experiencing this issue, please contact us with the steps you have taken to troubleshoot the issue, and we'll be happy to investigate further.
  • In addition, please send us a screenshot or a video of the issue using screencast: Recreate the issue while recording the steps. Make sure to add the screencast URL to your response.

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