Wix Events: Promoting Your Event Using the Wix Owner App

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Promote your event from your phone using the Wix Owner app. You can encourage people to attend your event by creating coupons, sending out email marketing campaigns, or posting to social media.

To promote your event:

  1. Go to your site in the Wix Owner app.
  2. Tap Manage  at the bottom.
  3. Tap Events.
  4. Select Published Events or Draft Events.
    Tip: Some promotion options are only available for published events or for ticketed events.
  5. Tap to select the relevant event.
  6. Tap the Manage tab.
  7. Tap Promotion.
  8. Choose how you want to promote your event: 
    • Coupons: Boost ticket sales by offering discounts. Learn more
    • Memberships: Create members discounts. Learn more
    • Email Marketing: Create an email campaign and send it to your subscribers. Learn more
    • Social Posts: Create posts and drive traffic from social media back to your site. Learn more
    • Discussion: Post event updates for your guests.
    • Invite Guests: Tap Invite Guests at the bottom to send invites via email, social media, or more (RSVP events only).

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