Wix Editor: Your Mobile Site and SEO

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As the desktop and mobile versions of your site represent different viewing modes of the same site and share the same domain name, your mobile Wix site can be found on Google.

There are many ways that you can maintain and improve the SEO for your mobile site. Some of these include enabling the mobile friendly view, and hiding any unecessary content on mobile.
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About SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and refers to your site's ranking on search engine result pages. 
There are many factors that contribute to your site's ranking. Some of these include key words, your site name, and your site's performance.
For example, a site with a unique name that has optimized its content for SEO will generally rank higher than a site that has poor performance and the same business name as a large brand. 
We therefore recommend optimizing both the desktop and mobile version of your site to ensure the best possible ranking.
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Make sure to check out our SEO category in the help center to give you everything you need to improve your site's SEO.

Enabling the mobile friendly view of your site

The mobile friendly view of your site is automatically enabled when you build your desktop site.
Elements such as fonts and images are resized to fit smaller screen sizes, and you can add mobile tools to further optimize the experience for your mobile visitors.
We recommend keeping the mobile friendly view of your site enabled, as disabling it causes the desktop version of your site to be displayed on mobile devices instead. Desktop sites on mobile devices can take a longer time to load, and visitors may not be able to see all of your site's content. 
You can enable or disable the mobile friendly view of your site from your Editor settings. Learn how to enable / disable the mobile friendly view

Optimizing your mobile site's performance for SEO

You can improve and maintain your site's SEO by making sure your site has a good performance and loading time.
As with the desktop version of your site, your mobile site's performance can be impacted by the amount of content on your site pages. In order to ensure the best level of performance, we recommend keeping your mobile site neat and organized. 
You can optimize your mobile site from the mobile Editor. Hide desktop elements, add exclusive mobile content, and use tools such as the page layout optimizer to ensure a smooth experience for your visitors. Learn more about the mobile Editor
If you're building your site using the new Editor experience, you won't have access to the Page Layout Optimizer tool. This is because Wix automatically optimizes your mobile layout in the new Editor experience. 
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All mobile sites comply with Google's mobile site requirements.

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