Wix Editor: Managing Your Pages in the Mobile Editor

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Pages you add to your desktop site are automatically added to the mobile version of your site. You can manage and edit these pages in the mobile Editor. Hide pages and change their layout to customize the experience for visitors on your mobile site.
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It is not possible to change page settings on the mobile Editor. If you would like to adjust your page's settings, you need to do so from the desktop Editor.

Viewing your site's pages on mobile

View your mobile site's pages to access and make changes to them. You can switch between pages with the Menus and Pages panel.

To view a site page on mobile:

  1. Open the mobile Editor.
  2. Click Menus & Pages on the left side of the mobile Editor.
  3. Select a page to view it.
The menus and pages panel in the Wix Editor. The cursor is hovering over the site homepage.
You can also use the quick access Switch Page drop-down on the top bar of the mobile Editor. 

Adjusting your pages

Change your page layout and adjust its height to ensure that your site is well aligned for smaller screen sizes. 
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Hiding pages on mobile

The desktop and mobile-friendly views are different views of the same site. This means that if you delete a page from your desktop view, it also deletes it from your mobile-friendly view. However, you can hide a page from your mobile menu if you do not want it to be accessible on mobile.

To hide a page from your mobile site:

  1. Open the mobile Editor.
  2. Click Menus & Pages  on the left side of the mobile Editor.
  3. Click the relevant page.
  4. Click the More Actions icon .
  5. Click Hide on mobile .
The Menus and Pages panel in the mobile Editor. A page has been selected, and the cursor is hovering over Hide on mobile.

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