Wix Editor: Using the Google Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool

1 min read
The Google Mobile-Friendly testing tool is a Google tool which checks to see if a specific page has been optimized for mobile viewers.
Wix sites are indeed mobile friendly and you are welcome to check a specific page using the Mobile Friendly testing tool. Simply enter the page URL and click Analyze.
Sometimes Google encounters URLs that it cannot fully load. When this happens it may show an error in the tool that says "Page resources couldn't be loaded". If you received this message for URLs beginning with frog.wix.com, please note that these URLs are part of the structure of your Wix site. They do not prevent your site from being mobile-friendly.
If you encounter a resource that you believe should be loading, please send us a screenshot of the full screen, along with the domain name, and we will get back to you.
Click here to learn more about optimizing your site's mobile friendly view.

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