Wix Editor: Saving Your Site on the Homescreen of a Mobile Device or Tablet

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There are several ways for visitors to save your mobile site on their device or tablet. They can bookmark your site on their browser or create a shortcut that appears on their home screen for even easier access.  
Add an extra touch of branding by changing the icon that appears next to your site's name on bookmarks and home screens. 
In this article, learn more about:

Bookmarking your site

Visitors can bookmark your site on their device's browser for easy access in the future. This creates a bookmark that displays your site's name and icon. 
Depending on the device they're using, visitors can follow the instructions below to bookmark your site:

Adding your site to a home screen

Visitors can add your site to their device's home screen so that it's always within reach. This creates a shortcut that looks just like any an app with your site's name and icon. 
Depending on the device they're using, visitors must follow the instructions below to add a shortcut to your site:

Changing your site's icon

Bookmarks, home screen shortcuts, and social media posts display an icon that you can customize at any point. Use your business logo or any other image that fits your branding needs. 

To change the site icon:

  1. Open your site's settings.
  2. Click Website settings.
  3. Scroll down to General social image and click Upload Image.
  4. Select an image or click + Upload Media to upload a new one.
  5. Click Choose File to add it.
  6. Click Save at the top of the dashboard.
  7. Go back to the Editor and publish your site.
Your icon file must be hosted at Wix, either an image stored in your Media Manager or a free image from Wix. To learn how to access the image URL, click here
The recommended image size is:
  • For Apple devices: 180 X 180 pixels
  • For Android devices: 192 X 192 pixels
  • If you do not add an icon, an image from your site is automatically displayed as the icon. For free sites, the image is always the Wix logo (unless you change it).
  • You may need to clear your Safari cache to see if it's working on your iOS device. Unfortunately, we're unable to provide additional support for this matter including troubleshooting your images.

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