Wix Editor: Finding Your Mobile Menu in the Mobile Editor

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When you create your website on desktop, your mobile site is automatically created for you with the same content and elements.
If the desktop version of your site contains a menu, the menu is also automatically added to your mobile friendly site.

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Finding your menu in the mobile Editor

If you don't see the mobile menu inside your mobile Editor, follow our recommendations below to rule out any potential reasons and find your menu. Click an option below to learn more.

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If you are still having problems after completing the steps above, please contact us
You can contact our agents via live chat, or by requesting a callback. Make sure to tell us the relevant site name, and any troubleshooting steps you have already taken.  
Menu not responsive?
If you can see your menu in the mobile Editor, but you're experiencing issues with it, check out our troubleshooting guide here.

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