Wix Editor: Attaching Elements to a Box

1 min read
Boxes are a great way to display information on your site, and attaching elements to them is a useful way to keep your pages neat and organized. You can attach elements such as images, text, and videos.
An element must be smaller than the box in order to be attached to it.

To attach an element:

  1. Drag the relevant element onto the box.
  2. Drop the element when the Attach to Box message is displayed.
Want to detach the element from the box?
Simply drag and drop it outside of the box.
  • When attaching elements to a box, the layers of the Editor may cause them to be hidden behind the box. To view and select hidden elements, use the Overlapping Items feature in the right-click menu.
  • You might need to move your box backward and your elements forward for them to appear on the box.

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