Wix Editor: HTML Embed Ideas and Inspiration

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The HTML code element allows you to embed code snippets and URLs on your site. There are a variety of innovative ways to display external content using this element - so you can enhance the experience for visitors, and watch your business grow. 
As the HTML code is an external code and has not been tested by Wix, the Wix Support team is unable to answer questions regarding the code's functionality. 

Add an external marketing platform

Embed an external email marketing platform such as MailChimp and AWeber to increase engagement through your site. External marketing platforms are a great way to manage communication with customers, and encourage site visitors to subscribe to your email campaigns.
Screenshot of HTML settings panel with HTML code input into HTML field.

Create an Amazon Affiliate link and add it to your site to earn extra income and boost your seller reputation. Diversify your income streams, earn commission and strengthen the relationship between you and your audience. 
Good to know:
When you click on the link in your live site, the URL should display your personal affiliate code after the words "tag=".
Screenshot of Amazon Affiliate HTML code.
Browser extensions for blocking ads can prevent Amazon Affiliate links from being displaced on your live site. If you are unable to see affiliate links on your live site, make sure you have disabled add-blocking extensions in your browser. 

Add an external blog

Embed an external blog to broaden its audience. You can embed your own blog to grow your readers, or add another blog you would like to promote on your site. Blogs can help you increase engagement from your visitors and enhance your online presence.
Did you know?

Add games or quizzes to your site

Add a game or quiz to your site to increase engagement and interactivity. There are variety of ways to use games and quizzes on your site. For example, you can embed quizzes that match the page content, or add card games to create a fun, unique experience for visitors. 
Screenshot of quiz widget. Text saying
You can also search the Wix App Market for suitable third-party apps using the search terms "Games" or "Quizzes". 


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