Wix Editor: About Your Site's Header

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Your site's header appears across the top of your site, throughout all of your pages. The header gives visitors their first impression of your site, and usually contains important information and elements.
A Wix live site. The header is highlighted by an orange square.

Add important content to your header

Since your site header is the first thing your visitors see, it's important to optimize it for your brand or business. One of the best ways to do this is by adding relevant information and elements. 

We recommend adding your site title, company logo, and your site menu to the header. The title and logo reinforce your brand, while the menu allows visitors to navigate with ease.
As well as regular elements, you can also add features from apps that you've added to your site. For example, if you have Wix Stores you can add the cart icon to the header. Adding these elements to the header means your visitors can always access important information, no matter what page they're on. Learn how to add elements to your site header
The site header in the Editor. The header and its elements are highlighted.

Customize your header to suit your site

As well as adding elements to your header, we also recommend designing it to fit with your site's theme and palette. There are a number of ways to personalize your header: 
  • Choose and customize the design: You can choose from a number of design presets, and customize settings such as the color, border, and corners to make it look how you want.
  • Resize the header: If you find that your header isn't the right size, you can always make it bigger or smaller by using the stretch handle.
  • Add a scroll effect: Choose from a number of exciting scroll effects to create something eye-catching and personal to your site.
Customizing your header can ensure you make a lasting impression on your site visitors, and encourage them to continue browsing your site to learn more about your brand or business. Learn how to customize your site's header
The 'Customize Header Design' panel in the Editor. The cursor is hovering over the border color box.


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