Wix Bookings: Setting Up a Waiver

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You can create a health waiver and share it with your members or clients. This allows you to check for any injuries or allergies you need to know about before a session. Your clients can only access the waiver via a link that you send.
  • You can only create 1 waiver per business.
  • We are in the process of releasing a new version of Wix Forms, but it's not available to everyone yet.
A screenshot showing an example of a health waiver on a live site.

Step 1 | Add a waiver to your site

Create a waiver directly from your site's dashboard. The health waiver template contains form fields for all the necessary contact information you require from your clients. 
You can also customize the form to find out specific information that you need by adding a variety of different field types.

To add a waiver to your site:

  1. Go to Forms and Submissions in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Old Forms at the top. 
    Note: We are in the process of releasing a new version of Wix Forms, but it's not available to everyone yet. If you built your site using Wix Editor, scroll down and + Create Standalone Form
  3. Click + Create Standalone Form.
  4. Select the Health Waiver form template.
  5. Click Get Started.
  6. Give your waiver a name using the Form title field. 
  7. Use the Form description field to tell visitors what the form is about.
  8. Select the Required checkboxes next to questions you want to appear on the form. 
A screenshot showing how to make a field required on your standalone form
  1. To add your own custom form fields:
    1. Click + Add Field at the bottom.
    2. Click Add next to the form field type from the menu on the right.
A screenshot showing a list of form fields you can add to your health waiver.
10. Customize the Submit button text. 
11. Enter a Thank you message
12. Click Save at the top of the page. 

Step 2 | Sharing your health waiver

Once you finish creating your waiver, share the unique URL of the waiver with your clients so they can fill it out and return it. You can share your waiver in a variety of ways. 

Show me how to share my health waiver:

  1. Go to Forms & Submissions in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Old Forms.
    Note: If you are using Wix Editor, scroll down to Your standalone forms
  3. Click the More Actions icon  next to your Waiver.
A screenshot showing how to share the health waiver with clients.
  1. Click Share form.
  2. Choose what you want to do:
    • Click the relevant social media platform icon next to Share via.
    • Click Copy Link.
      1. Paste your link into the relevant email or other message type.
  3. Click Done.

Step 3 | Track who has submitted a waiver

When your clients fill out the waiver, the information they entered automatically appears in the waivers section of their contact card.
You can access clients' contact cards in the Contacts section of your dashboard, or from your Wix Owner app.

Show me how to track who has submitted a waiver:

Want to remove a waiver from your site?
You can delete your waiver directly from Forms & Submissions in your site's dashboard. Click the More Actions icon next to your waiver and click Remove Form

When you delete your waiver, the information collected will be deleted from your contacts. You can view existing submissions in Deleted forms. Go to Forms & Submissions, click More Actions, and Click Deleted forms

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