Wix Bookings: About Booking Integrations

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Manage your bookings, engage with clients and grow your business by combining different integrations with Wix Bookings. 
Add a "Book Now" button to your Facebook and Instagram business pages to boost bookings on your Wix site. Allow potential new clients to book your services directly from Google, using Reserve with Google. You can also allow clients to book services through ClassPass and Hopp - Link in Bio
A screenshot showing the available Booking integrations for your site.

Allow clients to book directly from your social media pages

When you promote your services on social media, adding a 'Book' button helps clients to book faster. This is useful for launching new services or when you run a marketing campaign.
Choose which social platform you want to connect from the options below:
  • If you experience any technical issues, contact Facebook for support. You can also visit the Meta Business Help Center for more information.
  • You can add a 'Book' button to either Facebook or Instagram, but not both.  
A screenshot showing a Book now button on a Facebook business page.

Make it easier for clients to find you on Google

Reserve with Google is a great way to help new clients find your business while they search for services you offer in your area. Once you're set up on the Reserve with Google system, new clients can book directly from their browser.
A screenshot showing an example of Reserve with google.

Make it easier for potential new clients to find and book your services using the ClassPass and Hopp - Link in Bio third-party integrations. 
A screenshot showing the ClassPAss and Hopp integrations for Wix Bookings.

Improve your client communications

Choose from a host of communications apps to improve your client messaging with SMS marketing, alerts and reminders, WhatsApp notifications, and email marketing integrations. 
A screenshot showing several communications integrations available for Wix Bookings.

Streamline your business management

Choose from a range of business management integrations to improve your client and staff time management, and connecting your data to Google sheets. 
A screenshot showing several business management integrations available for Wix Bookings.

Simplify your invoicing and accounting admin with third party apps

Connect your Wix Bookings site to different third-party integrations to simplify your payroll, accounting and invoicing admin. 
A screenshot showing several accounting integrations available for Wix Bookings sites.

Boost your marketing efforts with automations and integrations

Choose from several leading marketing integrations to automate and improve your marketing efforts. This allows you to spend more time focusing on your client relationships. 
A sscreenshot showing several marketing and automation integrations available for Wix Bookings sites.

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