Wix Blog: Creating a Blog Post from Your Mobile Device

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You can write and publish blog posts from your mobile device without any special setup or app required! Just log in to your site and post!
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To create a post from a mobile device:

  1. On a browser on your mobile device, access your blog page.
  2. Log in using the email associated with your Wix account.
  3. Tap Create a Post.
    Note: The "Create a Post" button is only visible to those with writing privileges.
  4. Write your post title and content.
  5. Click Save & Continue.
  6. Do any of the following:
    • Choose Category:
      1. Tap to select up to three categories.
      2. Tap Done.
    • Save as Draft: Tap to save. You can publish the post later.
    • Save & Publish: Tap to publish your post on your live site.
You can perform almost all blog functions (editing, adding categories, etc.) using your mobile device. You can also add any of the following to a post:
  • Images or GIFs: Click the Image icon and select an image or GIF to upload. 
  • Galleries: Click the Gallery icon and select images to upload.  
  • Videos: Click the Video icon and add a link from YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook.  
  • Divider lines: Click the Divider icon to add a divider line, then customize it.
  • HTML: Click the HTML icon to embed an iframe or display an external site in a post.
  • Quotations: Highlight the text you want to quote and click the Quotation icon .
  • Links: Highlight the text you want to make into a link, click the Link icon , enter the URL and click Update. (Optional) Select the Add a nofollow tag. To learn about nofollow tags, click here.
  • Hashtags: Add a hashtag symbol (#) and text with no spaces (e.g. #newclasses) anywhere in a post.

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